mother's little helper





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on the job





temporarily under construction





the mariachi


the mariachi slowly assembled


strings were resting but impatient



it had been a while


their appetite for satiating



first mac, then val and raphael


fingers had softened in reprieve



smile to smile to smile


they knew there’d be some blisters



instruments were gently touched


it would be worth it, it always was



old friends, they had been waiting


the mariachi knew no resistors





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the runner


just ten more minutes she told herself


reluctantly she raised the blanket



then snuggled into the bed


and prepared to hit the road



it was warm, it was a womb


she knew she’d feel much better



for body, soul, and head


quite wonderful in fact



snooze button once, and then twice


after getting in the groove of it



it was a steady goad


after starting the first act





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- the gift of RAVEL -






what to give, oh what to give



to the one who has everything



why not a gift of the raven’s words



through them your care will sing






RAVEL can soothe a troubled heart



he knows of love, ‘tis true



so sing the mariachi



each instrument on cue






RAVEL can coax a smile from



the parent taking care



of children, dishes and laundry mountains



day in, day out – with flair






RAVEL is out there in the dawn



a stellar view from a high wire



calling out, encouraging



a cacophonous feathered choir






RAVEL works hard and shares with those



who greet the world each day



coffee, newspaper, cell phone – check



palm pilot – lead the way






so delight yourself with a subscription



and delight the heart of a friend



we can only do what we can when we can



and so each other we tend





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